Shree Jain Vidya Prasarak Mandal's,

Adhyapak Mahavidyalaya (B.ED)

Chinchwad,Pune - 411033

  • We have experienced and well qualified Staff.
  • Developed Library with major collection of books on Education.
  • Infrastructure as per the NCTE norms.
  • Student centered teaching learning environment.
  • Excellent Result tradition.
  • In-hand experience based teaching- learning facility.
  • Placement Cell
  • Career Guidance Cell
  • Affiliated sister institutes for authentic teaching - learning experiences.
  • The main aim of Education is training of the Body, mind and spirit. Therefore we train students to develop their academic ability, Practical Skills and inculcation of good values, life skills & morals in our students.
  • In our core training Program which includes micro teaching & Integration lessons students are trained for various skills like Set induction, Black Board Writing, stimulus variation, Explanation, Closure skills etc. for effective teaching.
  • In our special Training Program we have Practice lessons and Internship Program where students have to go to various schools for conduct of their Practice lessons. This helps build confidence in students.
  • In the course related Practical work the students have to do various study different subjects.
  • In the course related enhancing professional capacities student teacher have to undergo through Reading And Reflecting on Text, Basics of Research, Understanding Self, Drama & Art in Education, Open Course & Entrepreneurship Development Program.
  • In the working with community Program we have. Co-curricular activities, Social service and Health Education, Yoga; Various Co-curricular activities like in debating, Essay writing, G K Quiz, Singing, Rangoli etc. competitions. Annual day is celebrated where students are given chance to exhibit their talents. Students relate to various social problems by participating in AIDS awareness rally, Blood donation camps, Field visits etc.
  • The caring of the body is very important students are trained to meditate, and Yoga, exercises are taken every week by trained teachers.